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Roadmap to Software Developer

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You don’t have to go to college to be an American success story.


College is a product that is advertised like soda or toothpaste.  College is not the only way to get the American Dream of financial security and respect.  You are being sold an idea that is not true, and it will cost a lot of money for many years. 

In Roadmap to Software Developer, a part of the $uccess Without College book series by Christine Axsmith, see how to be a success without going to college by taking advantage of free training and a career that will not be replaced by computers or robots.  


Roadmap to Software Developer is the distillation of dozens of interviews with software developers and software company owners all over the United States, including Silicon Valley.  Christine Axsmith has done the research for you and organized it into a step-by-step roadmap.


Christine Axsmith grew up in a area where most people didn’t go to college.  Later, her career took a sharp left turn after taking a stand against waterboarding at the CIA.  From there, she reinvented herself as the owner of a successful dog walking company, a guardian for the elderly and disabled, a trial attorney and a writer.  These experiences taught her how to learn from successful people and to draw a roadmap to recreate their success.  In recent years, as lawyers started getting replaced by software, it sparked Christine Axsmith’s interest in this topic.


Christine Axsmith has been published by NIST and NSA regarding information security law, has presented papers at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference at MIT conferences and the International Bar Association, and actively participated in the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law - Electronic Commerce Working Group.  Her research on encryption export restrictions became required reading at Harvard Law School under Professor Jonathon Zittrain.  


She uses her extensive research skills to provide a roadmap for non-college success in her books by interviewing self-made millionaires and other people in the software field.


There are many media reports about success without college statistics, and many of them will tell you that the income a person earns is dramatically increased with a college degree.  That was the old days.  More than that, only a little over half of college students get a four year degree.  Now, when calculating whether college is a good "investment," you need to include the cost of student loans.  


Roadmap to Software Developer is a written path to success taken by others in the software development field.  All the information you need to get there is in this book.  


Buy the book.