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Alternatives to College

May 9, 2016

Examining Alternatives to College

When politicians talk about “the crisis” in America’s educational system, I can promise you they aren’t talking about the huge student loans choking our economy.  They are instead talking about cramming college down the throats of every kid in America.  Well, two years of it at least.  If anyone mentions that college might not be for everybody, they are chased out like hyenas at a wedding. 

Skills Not Taught in College – Success Without College – a Roadmap

The interesting part is that no one is willing to engage in the conversation.  It is taken as fact that everybody should go to college, and Americans should make that happen.  No one is questioning the goal of “college for everyone” at all. Alternatives to college abound, and it will only strength our country, and our young adults, if we take an honest look at how we can meet the needs of our economy.  And college is not the only answer.

Have you seriously considered the alternatives to college?

This book is not about telling you college is a waste of time.  Maybe it isn’t, if you want to become a doctor or engineer.  Another idea is that you want to live life a little bit before spending a lot of money getting a higher education.  That makes sense. You do not need to follow the advice of people who only have one answer for you.

$uccess Without College – a Roadmap

College Alternatives After High School

… but you do need a plan.  If you get high every day then go to college.  You are not mature enough to start your career now. If you can show up when you say you are going to show up, do what you say you are going to do, get your chores done without reminding, wake up and leave the house on time in the mornings, then you are ready to start your career early. Right now is the golden age of starting a business and learning a trade.  After all, most other kids are being pushed into student loan debt for the rest of their lives. Firemen, policemen, designers, software developers, bookkeepers, cooks, drivers, truckers, and more. You have choices.  I’m not telling you what is right for your situation, I’m just telling you that you have options.  

$uccess Without College – Raodmap to $uccess by Christine Axsmith


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