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$uccess Without College – a Success Roadmap

May 9, 2016

Success!  College!

Good Things Come to Those Who Hustle


What is success without college?


You hear it all the time.  Do what you love!  The money will follow! Nonsense. First of all, how are you supposed to know “what you love” when you are just graduating from high school?  You still need to decide what is “success” for your life.  These pie in the sky articles are not reality-based.  And if there is one thing a kid needs today, it’s reality. 

$uccess Without College – a Roadmap, by Christine Axsmith



Even worse is the advice “learn how to become the best at it.”  What on Earth does that even mean? That’s why I wrote $uccess Without College – a Roadmap.  People graduating from high school need practical solutions to getting experience and references.  While you may not know “what you love” to do, you should have some idea of the types of things you could do for eight hours a day without wanting to jump off of a bridge.  Because that’s what work is:  something you can do for most of your waking hours and get paid for it.  Emphasis on “paid for it.”

  • If you put the “love” before the “paid,” you are not headed for success

  • Learn how to assess the marketplace in your area to decide where you want to apply your efforts

  • Learn what employers are looking for in a new employee

  • Learn how to be the employee that gets promoted first

  • Learn how to get skills for free.

College tuition is up

College tuition is up.  All this information and more is in $uccess Without College – a Roadmap.  It isn’t enough to be smart.  You have to fulfill a need in the marketplace, and solve a problem for a business.  Your location matters a lot.  Teaching tennis where there are no tennis courts will not lead to a successful career.  Take a look at the industry around you.  Do you see retail?  Car sales and repair?  Farming?  Tourism?  That’s how you start your personal roadmap to success.




$uccess Without College – a Roadmap by Christine Axsmith.  

$uccess Without College – a Roadmap, by Christine Axsmith


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