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Education vs. Learning

May 9, 2016


Traditional Education

For centuries, education has meant that students listen to a teacher talk, take notes, read textbooks and then answer questions.  The number of questions they get right will determine how much they learned to everyone.


Of course, that’s only one way of learning.

During the last 70 years, new ways of teaching have been introduced that individually tailor the class to the learning style of the student.  These schools do not educate everyone the same way, and do not sum up a student’s success with one number.  This is called progressive education.

Education Choice

Of course, most people have not gone to college these last thousand years.  In fact, hardly anyone has.  So you have to ask yourself:  What is my education going to be after high school?  One thing you already know, it doesn’t have to include college. 


Do I Need College For Success?


Non-traditional, non-college education is in your control.  The bad news is that it requires you to be an adult. If not going to college is your choice, then you need to develop your own plan for success.  There aren’t going to be any report cards going to your parents to make sure you are learning.  No one is going to nag you.  The motivation to arrive at work on time with a good attitude is all on you.  The responsibility to plan and follow through is yours.  No one is going to do this work for you. 


If you need your Mom to wake you up in the mornings, forget it.  You’re not ready for success, with or without a college degree.  If your Mom still has to remind you to do your chores, you’re still a child.  No one wants to hire a child.  And they sure don’t want to invest time in training someone – which is expensive – if they can’t do the basic adult tasks required of everyone. So the decision is yours: do you want success without college?  Then get ready.  Because it is all there for you.

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