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Plumber - a job forever, success without college

January 18, 2018


We don't really think about it much, but without plumbing, New York City wouldn't exist.  


In fact, civilization wouldn't exist.


Plumbing takes years to learn, but the training is free.  And there is no college tuition to worry about. Training for becoming a plumber takes place in classes in the evenings during the week.  Often, people will work for a plumber during the day - getting paid - and take the free classes at night.


$uccess without college is real.  $uccess without college is being done every day.  $uccess without college is something you can do, too.


College is only one option for you, and it is not a requirement for success at all.  Plumbers are very well paid, and if they own their own business, can become millionaires.  There are plenty of job opportunities for plumbers.


When looking at success without college statistics, be sure to include the student loan payments when weighing whether or not the cost is worth it. Frankly, college costs too much, and there are many paths to success without college.


The $uccess Without College series of books provides a roadmap to success to provide an alternative to whether college is a good investment.




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