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NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll Shows Americans Losing Faith in College Degrees

May 30, 2018

Do you really need a college degree to succeed?  


Increasingly, Americans don't think so, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll.  


An article in the Wall Street Journal states that "men, young adults and rural residents" are starting to think that college is not worth the cost.


While it is often said that college graduates will make almost one million dollars more than a non-college graduate in their lifetimes, it is worth asking if that incorporates the costs of student loans.  And by costs, the calculation needs to include the wealth-building that could have been done if the student loans were not in place.


As it stands, the only "calculation" is based on salary alone.


People who have success without college are not diverting a huge portion of their incomes to debt.  That allows them to save, buy real estate, start a business and other wealth-building activities.  Student loan repayment needs to be recognized as the personal financial drain that it is, and any claims that a"college degree is worth it" needs to include the loss of wealth-building opportunities.


That is not to say that a college education is never a good idea.  It can be, especially if you are going to be building bridges or performing surgery.


But the question needs to be asked: is a college degree really necessary?  Often, the answer is "no."


Think about it.  It is your life.  You can always get a degree later in life.  Have the courage to choose.

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