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May 30, 2018

No college?!?


Tuition is a scam, some people think.  That may not be strictly true, but certainly the need for a college education to be successful in America is a story that is very expensive to buy.  People go to college anyway because they are afraid of their chances of success without college.  

A college degree is not necessary in today's competitive workplace.  There is a serious need for people in careers that do not require a college degree. That's right - you don't need a degree!


The books I have written in the $uccess Without College series dedicate an entire book to describing an occupation where someone could be successful without going to college.


This idea is important because student loan debt has increased dramatically in recent years.  College tuition is up, and young people will be paying off that debt until middle age.


There are other ways to be successful.


My books are Roadmap to Software Developer, Roadmap to Plumber and Frankenstein - the Robot That Hires You.


There are many well-paying jobs that do not require a college degree.  The goal of this $uccess Without College series is to show you how you can reach a specific goal in a specific career without needing pay for college.


You will hear the college is a good investment.  If you want to go to medical school, I agree.  You need to go to college first.  But what if you do not know what you want to do, or are the kind of person who enjoys being outside all day, or interacting with different people, or having each day be different?  You can reach your goal without the crippling student loan debt that comes with a college degree.



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