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Tony Robbins and Success Without College

June 3, 2018

Make Money - Tony Robbins Has Success Without College



A lot of people have advice on how to make money.  A lot of them tell you to go to college to get it.  Our American Dream is known throughout the world, and college is sometimes equated with it.


Netflix had a documentary on Tony Robbins "I Am Not Your Guru" that demonstrated, among other things, his incredible success without college.  People went to his seminars as a last-ditch effort before committing suicide, to jump-start their careers, to move on from trauma.  His ability to reach into someone’s mind and pull out what is holding them back is incredible. It was amazing to watch.


“A big part of my life is really getting people to do the fundamental things that we know we should do but very few people actually follow through and make happen.” Tony Robbins said in an interview with CNN.


Tony Robbins also never went to college.  He is very wealthy, fit and puts things into his life that he wants there.  No college was necessary for his success.


Tony Robbins is a magnetic life coach who has used his unique perspective on success and life fulfillment to help millions of people find more of both in their lives. His self-help approach focuses on increasing awareness and being intentional in decision-making, and it’s one that Robbins himself applies daily in his own life, according to CNN.




There is no doubting that Tony Robbins is an intelligent and talented human being.  But does a person need to be THAT gifted to be a success without college?




Success Without College - Roadmap to Software Developer & Success Without College - Roadmap to Plumber by Christine Axsmith show the reader a specific roadmap to a successful career without college.  No tuition payments, no student loan debts.


 But it does not mean following these roadmaps to success will be easy.  It won’t be. A lot of work is needed to reach these career goals. But it would be less work and less debt than going to college itself.


Tony Robbins “dive bombs in my helicopter” for fun. Another t.v. show had contestants jumping from a bridge to show how much they wanted to succeed.




The good thing about Tony Robbins’ message is that he doesn’t ask for that kind of silliness from anybody else. Instead, you are asked to take another kind of risk - one that has you challenge your worldview asks you to take risky actions.


The “$uccess Without College” podcast talks about the bridge-jumping incident with much mockery.  It is actually easier to jump off of a bridge than to accept that you would rather be underachieving than be too different from your friends,


So success without college is hard work.  So is everything else.


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