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Success Without College - Plumber

September 5, 2018

Unlike other books about success without college, $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Plumber is a specific plan for anyone to attain a good, middle-class OR ABOVE INCOME. The idea of success without college has been addressed by Linda Lee in her book Success Without College, but it is a general book that is more feel-good than a game plan.


The idea that no college is needed to have a prosperous life has been gaining popularity in recent years.  This isn't surprising, looking at the personal costs and opportunity costs of student loan payments.  Many publications, from Fortune to the New York Times, have written about earning a living without a college degree.  


More than that, blogs have created tempting listicles about career options for people who don't have a college degree. What good is that?  Getting a job, let alone a career, requires more information than that.


That is what makes the book Success Without College - Roadmap to Plumber so different from listicles and articles in general interest magazines is that the entire book is tailored to the career as a plumber.  It is not a general guide to a general set of fields.  


The goal of Success Without College Roadmap to Plumber is to provide the readers a realistic roadmap to a singular profession.  It includes information gleaned from interviews with experienced and successful plumbers, their advice to people thinking of becoming plumbers, what a typical day is like and more.


A frequently-overlooked aspect of success in a profession is whether or not you like the type of day you are likely to have.  If you enjoy meeting new people every day and solving problems, then you would like the typical day for a plumber. If you like to sit still and bury your head in a problem, then you would enjoy becoming a software developer.


When you choose a job, you are also choosing how you are going to spend your days.  Choose wisely, and with good information.  Buy $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Plumber today!






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