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Make Bank Without a College Degree as a Plumber

September 6, 2018

No College Needed To Make Bank

You don't need college to achieve the American Dream, or just make bank. Construction is an industry that can make a great career - and a well-paid one.  And of course, there is no building without plumbing!  



If you can't afford college - no problem. There are so many varieties of modern plumbing careers, but that means even within the construction industry.  Someone needs to do plumbing design: the plumbing engineer.


A recent article by Winston Huff on plumbing engineering describes the basics of plumbing:  The earth has a complex natural biospheric recycling system that converts air, water, and solid waste of animals through plants, soil, and evaporation to fresh water and air for animal consumption.


The problems start when a lot of people live in one place and the natural earth recycling process is disrupted.  This happened when cities started forming centuries ago.  Ancient cities had ways of handling plumbing, but those are forgotten now.


Lucky for all of us, new methods of plumbing have been discovered.  And you do not need a degree to keep society safe.  You can become a plumber without a degree, and earn while you learn.


There are a lot of things a plumbing system has to do, and as a consequence, a lot that needs to be planned for.  We naturally think of the bathrooms, but there is also planning for fire sprinkler systems, lawn care, shut off valves for the entire building or parts of the building, outside spigots and more.


But it doesn't stop there.  There are gases that need to be safely vented and water pressure that needs to be managed.

Success Without College Roadmap to Plumber will provide you with the information you need to not only become a plumber, but to find a specialty that will work for you. 


Online research is never enough.  That is why $uccess Without College publications ensures that our authors go out and speak to people who are already successful.


There are other books, like Success Without College by Linda Lee, which are general books and do not give a roadmap to a successful career in plumbing.  While uplifting, it is not a specific plan for your success.


Recent news reports support the plan of plumbing success without college:




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