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Benjamin Franklin Did Not Go to College

September 19, 2018

Benjamin Franklin is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in American history.  He became very wealthy and an early leader of the United States, not to mention an inventor, writer, statesman and diplomat.  He was a success without a college degree.  You can earn while you learn in the 21st century, too.




What Make Benjamin Franklin So Special?


Benjamin Franklin did not go to college.  In fact, he was mostly homeschooled.  He started a newspaper at the age of 23 called the Pennsylvania Gazette, which made him a rich man. On paper, he could not afford college.  That did not stop him.  He had legendary success without college.


His family was not rich.  Benjamin Franklin was one of 17 children.  His father made soap for a living.  


Benjamin Franklin was self-taught.  He saw the value of continually learning.  He was special because he never stopped looking around himself and seeing new opportunities. 


Benjamin Franklin was an apprentice to his brother, who was a printer.  But his brother would not let Benjamin Franklin write for the newspaper his brother owned.  So Benjamin Franklin wrote under the name of an older widow.  But when his brother found out Benjamin Franklin was writing under a pseudonym, his brother was upset.  At the age of 17, Benjamin Franklin ran away from his brother and the apprenticeship, and that made him a fugitive.


How Did Benjamin Franklin Become So Successful?


First, he created a group of people who wanted to improve themselves through reading and discussion - the Junto Club, or the Leather Apron Club.  A large part of becoming successful is associating with other people who are also studying and thinking and writing.  Benjamin Franklin recognized this fact, and created the group he needed to reach his goal.  The Junto Club would meet and discuss important books and ideas of the day.  That is when Benjamin Franklin suggested that all of the books they are talking about be located in one place so the members can borrow them to read.  Books were very expensive at the time, and people could not own more than one or two.  It was the beginning of a library system, the first in the American Colonies. 


Second, he saw his newspapers as a way to improve society at large.  It wasn't just about himself.  Benjamin Franklin wanted to give back to the community he came from in a positive way.


Third, his papers also were impartial in  political  debates.  Making that choice allowed his newspaper to gain credibility and readership.


Fourth, he gave money to establish learning institutions in the American colonies.


Five, he thought outside the box.  One example is that 

he created the lightening rod so that lightening would strike the rod and not hit the wood houses and burn them down.  In his travels to Europe, he started to notice weather patterns during his ocean voyages.  What he saw was the Gulf Stream.  


There is so much more to Benjamin Franklin than these few things, but I think we all can admit that it is pretty impressive so far.  


The spirit of the American Dream that Benjamin Franklin embodied can still be alive for you.  The book $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Plumber describes how to earn while you learn.  Other books, like the Linda Lee book, is a general, feel-good book for worried parents, unlike the book series $uccess Without College Roadmap written by Christine Axsmith.  




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