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Parents and Success Without College

September 29, 2018

In the interviews for the $uccess Without College Roadmap series of books, it became clear that a primary obstacle to getting young people into the trades was parents.


Of course, parents want the best for their children.  But sometimes they need more information before deciding what that is.  




FACT: Americans owe more than $1.3 trillion in student loan debt.  That is a lot of money that is not going into the economy.  It is a lot of money that will not be buying houses or cars - both of which are key drivers of the American economy.


FACT:  More Americans are going to college than ever before. Much of the pressure to go to college is coming from the belief that the only way to financial security is to get a college degree.  That is wrong.   


FACT:  Twenty percent of young people with college degrees need a second job to pay their bills.  But getting a job in the trades means you get paid to learn, and then have no student loan debt on top of that.  Earn while you learn!  Do parents really think success means their children have to get second jobs to pay their bills - because of student loans?


FACT:  In 2012, the percentage of students who graduated with student loan debt from four-year colleges reached 71%.


Certainly, computer programmer is a job that pays well without a college degree.  


You can be one of the success stories without a college degree.  All it takes is hard work and willingness to learn.  Many students cannot afford college, and think higher education is a scam.  There is a decline of college enrollment.  With all this change, is a college degree really necessary?  It is up to you.  Not if you want to be a software developer.  But it is if you want to become a doctor or professor.


There are other books about success without college - like the one by Linda Lee.  But her book focuses on calming anxious parents, and not on solutions.  Buy $uccess Without College Roadmap to Software Developer by Christine Axsmith for solid advice on launching your successful career path.









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