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$80,000 A Year Without College

September 28, 2018

The success without college books from $uccess Without College Roadmap series highlight success paths.  An excellent article was published recently by forconstructionpros.com about making over $80,000 a year - without a college degree.  The primary focus of the article was Asphalt Professionals, but most of what was said could be extrapolated to other jobs in the construction industry.


The author, Cliff Mansfield, told a story of addressing college engineering students.  The students were amazed to find out that a college degree was not necessary for most technical jobs at a paving company.


The issues raised in the Cliff Mansfield article are highly relevant to our mission at $ucess Without College Publications.  


About 10 years ago, the emphasis in higher education became only college.  Much media emphasis and parental pressure focused on pushing young people into going to college - even if they have to take out huge student loans to do so.  


We are living with the results of that cultural shift.  Young people are not able to get well-paying jobs, and are being forced to live with their parents to be able to pay their bills.  The level of student loan payments hurts the lives of young people.  Large monthly payments cannot be dismissed in bankruptcy and prevent a young graduate from buying a new car or a home. This affects the entire economy.  


Success without college is very possible, and when making these life choices, you need to include the costs of a college education.  Many studies have declared that people who go to college will make more money than people who don't.  But what counts most is what is left over after student loans are paid.  


Making $80,000 a year, without student loans, is a good deal.  And with the skill of an asphalt professional, there will always be a need for workers with these skills.


You can be one of the success stories without a college degree.  All it takes is hard work and willingness to learn.  Many students cannot afford college, and think higher education is a scam.  There is a decline of college enrollment.  With all this change, is a college degree really necessary?  It is up to you.  Not if you want to be a software developer.  But it is if you want to become a doctor or professor.


There are other books about success without college - like the one by Linda Lee.  But her book focuses on calming anxious parents, and not on solutions.  Buy $uccess Without College Roadmap to Plumber by Christine Axsmith for solid advice on launching your successful career path.



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