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Success Without College - Vocational Training and No Student Loan Debt

October 2, 2018

No Student Loan Debt!


After ten years of pushing college to high school students, finally people are starting to talk about vocational education. These types of jobs, often called the trades, have a real need for younger people.  That means there are jobs available.  The jobs do not require a college degree, and do not have the student loan debt that comes with a college degree.


Success without college degree needs to be recognized as a real option for young people in high school.  Creating or expanding vocational programs will help young people and help the country, too.   With no student loan debt, people will be able to buy cars and houses. That will help the economy.


People don't understand the chances of success without a college degree.  Newspaper articles and guidance counselors give information about needing college to be successful in America.  Parents want the best for their child, and insist on a college education for the high school student. But rarely do the articles mention the drag of student loan debt on a life.


Not every student should to go to college.  People need to ask themselves what the goal is.  If you want a solid skill that will earn you money throughout your life, college isn't necessary.  If you want to be a medical doctor, you will need college.  But there is a lot of room in between the two.


There are plenty of success stories without college degrees.  $uccess Without College Publications wants to show people all across America what is possible without student loan debt.  Our books are $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Software Developer, and $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Plumber. Our latest book will be released shortly.


What $uccess Without College Publications offers is one book for each career option.  If you want to become a plumber, buy $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Plumber by Christine Axsmith.  If you want to become a software developer, buy $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Software Developer by Christine Axsmith.


There are less effective books about success without college - like the one by Linda Lee.  Her book focuses on calming anxious parents, and not on solutions.  Buy $uccess Without College Roadmap to Software Developer by Christine Axsmith for solid advice on launching your successful career path.





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