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Success Without College Roadmap livestream

October 4, 2018


Success Without College Roadmap Publications has decided to take the message on the road using livestream!  Buy the success without college book Frankenstein - The Robot That Hires You.  


The chat today was about the computer program that decides who gets a job and who doesn't.  That is just stupid. 


No college is needed to be successful and get the American Dream.  In fact, the American Dream is about not getting into debt, and working hard, and following the law.  Nothing is said about borrowing to go to college.


Many people cannot afford college.  Smart people.  Hard working people.  The American Dream is there for you, too.  


The $uccess Without College Roadmap book series tells you the secret to real success - without college or student loan debt.


There are many books about success.  There are many books about success without college.  There are only two books about success without college with a specific roadmap to getting the skills you need to earn money.  And sometimes, to earn money now.


The chances of success without college are still good, but it is different from how it used to be.  Someone could earn a living without a college degree and with only a high school diploma.  Not any more.


In researching this topic, it has become clear that you need to be smart and still be willing to learn.  Study does not end with high school graduation.  Every job $uccess Without College Publications has researched requires more learning.  That is good news.


It means you can choose to be successful.  All it takes is work and willingness.


In Frankenstein - The Robot That Hires You, Christine Axsmith reveals how the resume search algorithms work.  The book, available on Amazon.com and Smashwords.com, lets you present yourself in the best way possible to let decision-makers see your resume.  


Give yourself a chance in the job market.  Buy Frankenstein - The Robot That Hires You by Christine Axsmith


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