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Larry Ellison - Success Without College Roadmap series

October 28, 2018

Larry Ellison is a success without a college degree.  


As cofounder of the Oracle Corporation, the largest software company in the world, Larry Ellison became a billionaire.  In October 2012, he was listed just behind David Hamilton Koch as the eighth richest person in the world, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.  Forbes.com has rated him at a 9 on the self-made index.


Larry Ellison was born to an unwed mother and adopted by family members.  He dropped out of college and then started Software Development Labs which got a contract building databases for the CIA.  By 1981, the company was called Oracle and IBM decided to use their application. That caused a drastic rise in the value of the company.


Larry Ellison is in the news again because his stake in Tesla, the Elon Musk company.  He said that Tesla is his second biggest investment.


“Tesla had a good day,” Ellison said, after a surprise profit sent the carmaker’s shares surging more than 9 percent Thursday. “Tesla has a lot of upside.”


Larry Ellison is someone who supports the vision of Tesla, just like he had a vision of relational databases in information processing.  There is a lot of criticism of Tesla recently, and many think it is not going to succeed.  However, visionaries like Larry Ellison are not afraid of what other people think.  They believe in big ideas.


In fact, Oracle Corporation has just introduced a voice interface for getting information from Oracle cloud-based applications.


Any young person can learn from this example when confronted with all the messages about going to college to become a software developer.  The book $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Software Developer gives a plan to prepare for, and get, a software development job - without college. 


You have to ask yourself about your goals.  Do you want success without college? Do you want it enough to do the hard work needed?  Are you willing to do the things that other people who have succeeded without college done to achieve their dream?


If the answers to these questions are YES!, then buy one of the $uccess Without College Roadmap books.  Buy several of them.  They will reveal the step-by-step process others took to success without college.  The distinctive part of the $uccess Without College Roadmap books is that they are tailored to specific paths of success.  


The best success without college book would be in the series published by Success Without College publications by Christine Axsmith.  Click below to buy one now!


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