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College Students Go Hungry For Food

December 22, 2018


Chatting with my sister a few months ago gave me a huge surprise. She said she was donating canned food to the local food bank to help feed college students. Apparently, food pantries are becoming a common resource for college students.


I was shocked.


College tuition is up.  My sister told me because of that, college students are so broke that they go without food and rely on the local food pantry to eat.


There is another way to go with paths to success without college


You can earn while you learn.  Learning a trade will allow you to eat properly, buy your own groceries, and get a valuable skill without huge student loan debts.  


$uccess Without College - Roadmap to Software Developer will give you a self-study program so that you could be a computer programmer within a year.  We call it the roadmap to success for a reason.  Buying the book will not give you the skills you need, but following its suggestions will.


It will take hours of work each day for months on end and self-discipline and motivation.  But if you can get your butt out of bed each day for twelve years to go to school, you already know you can do this.




General books about success, or success without college degree, may give the reader comfort and material for daydreams, but they do not help anyone achieve their goals.


You have to ask yourself about your goals.  Do you want success without going to college? Do you want it enough to do the hard work needed?  Are you willing to do the things that other people who have succeeded without college done to achieve their dream?


If the answers to these questions are YES!, then buy one of the $uccess Without College Roadmap books.  Buy several of them.  They will reveal the step-by-step process others took to success without college.  The distinctive part of the $uccess Without College Roadmap books is that they are tailored to specific paths of success.  


The best success without college book would be in the series published by Success Without College publications by Christine Axsmith.  Click below to buy one now!





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