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Harvard: Community College and Apprenticeships Better Prepare People for Careers Than College

January 24, 2019

Harvard University's William Symonds thinks a technical education should be more than a "dumping ground" for those not planning on going to college. He believes that technical educational programs "do a better job" of getting young people ready for a career "than traditional academics-only programs."


The O.E.C.D. Jobs For Youth report finds that "graduates of the best community college programs often earn more, and have a far clearer sense of direction, than some of their counterparts with B.A.’s. Indeed, some graduates of four-year colleges return to community college for precisely this reason. And the innovations aren’t limited to educational institutions. The nation’s registered apprenticeship programs area well-kept secret that provide an extremely effective pathway to jobs in careers ranging from construction to healthcare. The modern military does an extraordinary job of helping recruits, few of whom are affluent."




The Jobs For Youth report concludes young people who can't get jobs after college graduation can face "persistent scarring" and underpayment for the rest of their professional lives. In comparison to previous generations, the effect is much worse for them. 


The Jobs For Youth report calls on the world's major economies to strengthen their vocational education systems as a solution to a growing youth unemployment program.  That was in 2010.  Lately, places like Kansas City are offering options to high schools students who are not on a college track in a way that is appealing.  Before, those options had a stigma associated with them.

The O.E.C.D. report had a special section tailored to the United States which recommended strengthening the Office of Apprenticeships so that they could offer money to get apprenticeship programs started.  It stated that training in technical programs in American high schools should be expanded, along with other suggestions.


College is expensive, and not necessary.  Almost 43% of college graduates are working in jobs that do not require a college degree.


Other American leaders have the same idea.  


The co-founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel, claims that "college is the next bubble" and that "college is over-valued."  His comments have received a lot of attention - and agreement.




Richard Rothstein of the Economic Policy Institute has research showing that wages for college graduates have "stagnated or diminished" in fields outside of finance.  Many others agree.


With the prospect of bad wages facing a college graduate with large student loans, why would college be a good option?  That is a lot of money to pay to be a well-rounded citizen when you could read a list of the "great books" on your own time and then watch lectures on YouTube.


Paths to success without college means entering the plumber, firefighter, carpenter or other trades.  And, yes, math will be needed.  But it will be a direct, problem-solving math with direct, visible results.


$uccess Without College Publications has published $uccess Without


College - Roadmap to Software Developer and $uccess Without College - Roadmap to Plumber to show people that there are alternatives to college to get success.


Buying one of our $uccess Without College Roadmap books will empower you to choose your own path to success.


The chances of success without college are better if you think for yourself and decide what is best for you.  Students who have success without college do the work to find out about different career paths and match them to their temperament.  


Other books about success without college focus on calming anxious parents, and not on solutions.  Buy $uccess Without College Roadmap to Plumber or Roadmap to Software Developer by Christine Axsmith for solid advice on launching your successful career path.


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