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Success Without College And The American Dream

February 10, 2019

Success without college is a great option. Student loans are preventing people from buying homes, according to CNN.  The student loan payments can be large enough that graduating with a college degree will actually prevent someone from owning a home - a staple of the American Dream and the start of building wealth.



The American Dream has gone from an idea of success based on work and talent, to a huge shopping center to spend your money.


The original American Dream meant that you can work hard, be honest and not get into debt and be successful in the United States. That was a very original idea.  No other country in the world offered people that promise.  


The result was millions of people came here, or were born here, with the idea that they had a chance at owning a home.


At some point, college was added to the story.  News reports and the media are full of stories that imply college is a requirement for success in America.  However, the American Dream doesn’t say anything about college.  It certainly doesn’t say anything about getting into debt to go to college.


 Now, all the young people who took out student loans to finance a college education are paying hundreds of dollars a month to pay those loans back.  That is money that is not going to purchase major ticket items.  That is money that is not going back into the economy to pay the salaries of homebuilders.


However, you have a choice.  You can choose not to go to college, get into debt.  You can get a career as a software developer without college, or a career as a plumber.    


The $uccess Without College book series is a guide to entering a profession, including information on how successful people in that line of work get started, what day to day life is like, and where to look for certifications.




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