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Success Without College - News Feb. 15, 2018

February 15, 2019



February is Career Technical Education month.  In Newark, the occaision is being celebrated.  Dr. Joyce Malainy, Superintendent of the Career and Technology Education Center, who writes " We must define success for today's students by focusing on career. That is where every pathway leads anyhow."


Truer words were never spoken.




The Seattle Times reports on the recent Federal Reserve report that shows 400,000 people in their 20s and 30s are not buying homes because of student loan debt.


This is one example of how student loan debt hurts the economy, and people.




In Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee's first initiative is the Governor's Investment in Vocational Education to expand access to vocational and technical training for Tennessee students, according to The Overton County News.  Money will be given to local communities to build vocational programs that best meet their needs.


The need for workers with a technical education has never been higher.  Governor Lee’s program will help young people find work that earns a good living and has the added benefit of not being able to be done by robots of computer programs.




And in Madison, Wisconsin, companies are offering student debt relief as part of a compensation package.  The loan payments range from $100 to $150 a month, up to $9,000.  So far, a software company and an insurance company are offering this benefit.


In fact, Forbes magazine calls student loan payment "the hottest employee benefit of 2018."


What the article does not mention is the impact the student loan benefit will have on the local economy.  Young people do not already have houses and cars.  More of them will be able to afford large purchases if they do not have as big a student loan payment.  That purchase money will go into the pockets of local car dealers and their employees, who will then spend that money on other local businesses.




Nola.com reports that Louisiana student loan debt rose to $18.7 billion.


However, you have a choice.  You can choose not to go to college, get into debt.  You can get a career as a software developer without college, or a career as a plumber.    


The $uccess Without College book series is a guide to entering a profession, including information on how successful people in that line of work get started, what day to day life is like, and where to look for certifications.









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