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Can You Be Successful Without A College Degree?

March 1, 2019

Excellent infographic from OnlineCollegePlan.com  supports the idea that college is not necessary to be successful. The information is based on Census data and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


The only problem is that the solution is buried at the bottom of the graphic.  Not only is your likelihood of success hurt by student loan debt, you can earn a good living in jobs that do not require a college degree.


Jobs like plumber, optician, dental assistant, HVAC installation and repair pay well and do not require a college degree, according to their research.  No dispute there, but this solution is put at the bottom of a long list of depressing statistics.


But the research is based on solid facts:

More than that, apartment sizes are decreasing while gross rents are at historic highs.  All in all, student loan payments are keeping people from stimulating the economy through home ownership, and housing prices have risen in recent years beyond what young people can afford with student loan payments.


Americans want double the house they have now to feel successful.

Rising tuition costs and mounting student debt MEANS RECONSIDERING COLLEGE as a way to be successful.

Undergraduate tuition quadrupled over the past 70 years.


Fast-growing non-degree careers are listed, and are helpful as a reference.


Finally, the point of all this information:



A fair point, and one I agree with.  But it almost seems another point is that a young person would be better off if they did not go to college, and instead got a technical education.  This point is not explored.  








Census data   

Census data   

Census data   

Bureau of Labor Statistics   





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