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College Bribes - or - Success Without College

March 15, 2019

So all these people, some of them famous like Lori Loughlin, bribed their childrens' way into a good school. I'm excited that some might be going to jail.  It would be better if the kids were thrown out, or their degrees revoked.  


Keep in mind that some kids can’t afford college without taking out huge student loans.


Fortunately, you don’t need to have a college degree to get the American Dream.  You can get a job as a plumber, teach yourself software development or start a dog walking business.


So far, Wikipedia lists these people as those who bribed their children’s way into college:

In reality, parents have been bribing colleges for over a century by giving elite schools money. I knew someone who worked at University of Pennsylvania admissions decades ago, and she said that the first day of classes, parents would line up with their checkbooks to bribe their child's way in, who had not been accepted the regular way. It happened every year.


That doesn’t even count the parents who donated buildings or millions of dollars to get their children into “elite” colleges.  No indictments are coming for those families, but they are surely as much a bribe as $400,000 to a tennis coach.




What's really sickening, is that college has become a status symbol.  The fear of parents not attaining that degree for their child is crazy.  What's even crazier, is that no one has noticed before because the kids haven't flunked out. That means the education level of so-called elite universities is nonsense.  It is not more challenging.  It does not require more brains or talent.  The whole thing is crap.


People are going to these schools to stay an elite.  That's it.


So let's talk about getting a good-paying job.  You know, without student loans or bribes.  Successwithoutcollege.net has all the books in the Success Without College Roadmap book series.  We are releasing Roadmap to Firefighter this spring, and have Roadmap to Plumber and Roadmap to Software Developer and Frankenstein - the Robot That Hires You by Christine Axsmith.



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